I am a part of High-performance IO Research Group called ZRLIO at the Zurich Research lab. Most of our group’s work is open-sourced at https://github.com/zrlio.


Crail is an open source user-level I/O architecture for the Apache data processing ecosystem designed from ground up for high-performance storage and networking hardware (40-100Gbps RDMA, flash, GPUs, etc). It involves groud-up design and implementation of multiple components and tools for Apache data processing ecosystem. More details can be found at crail.io.


Data center RPC or DaRPC is a Java library that provides ultra-low latency RPC for RDMA capable network interfaces. DaRPC is built on DiSNI. DaRPC source code is available here.


DiSNI is a Java library for direct storage and networking access from userpace. It currently provides an RDMA interface. Support for other userpace storage and networking interfaces, such as DPDK or SPDK, are in planning. DiSNI source code is available here.


SoftiWARP (siw) is a software iWARP kernel driver and user library for Linux. It implements the iWARP protocol suite (MPA/DDP/RDMAP, IETF-RFC 5044/5041/5040) completely in software, without requiring any dedicated RDMA hardware. SoftiWARP source code is available here.