How to ask for a recommendation

“Ask whether I can write you a good letter, not whether I’m willing to write one.”Geoff Kuenning

So you have just finished a project or thesis or course with me, and want me to write a recommendation for you? Perhaps for a job or higher education application. Here are quick guidelines (for both BSc and MSc works):

  1. Please contact me early enough, preferably 4-6 weeks in advance. Writing a good letter takes time.
  2. In your first email to me please make sure to attach your complete CV and grade transcripts from the VU.
  3. Please provide as many details as possible to tell me what project you work on, when was that, what grade did you get, what was the review I gave you for your work (you should have received one from me), did it lead to a publication or technical report?
  4. In case you just take a course with me (ANP or StoSys, or both) then tell me your grades (both in the project and exam). In this case please tell me which year you took the course, how was your experience in the course, what you worked on, did you do a bonus, what did you enjoy, what you did not enjoy, any specific experience or chat you had with me? The more details you can give me, the better position I will be in to write a strong letter. Brag as much as you can :-)
  5. Make sure to use my vu email address and check with me if I received an invitation to submit a recommendation.

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