New tech reports and thesis works are now available

Over the summer, many students graduated and we wrote new technical reports on our on-going works. For a more complete list, please see the team page.


Understanding (Un)Written Contracts of NVMe ZNS Devices with zns-tools Nick Tehrany, Krijn Doekemeijer and Animesh Trivedi,, (2023). PDF

A Survey on the Integration of NAND Flash Storage in the Design of File Systems and the Host Storage Software Stack Nick Tehrany, Krijn Doekemeijer, and Animesh Trivedi,, (2023). [PDF]

Student thesis:

[MSc-thesis] Niels de Waal, FrogFishDB - A Timeseries Database for in-order timeseries using the TimeTree data structure on flash SSDs, 2023, [PDF], [code].  

[MSc-survey] Antonios Sklavos, Exploring the Performance-Isolation Trade-off for Isolation Mechanisms, 2023, with Matthijs S. Jansen, [PDF].

[MSc-thesis] Wiebe van Breukelen, PMicroProfile: A Micro-Architecture Aware Persistent Memory Profiling Framework, 2023, [PDF], [code].

[MSc-survey] Edgardo J. Reinoso Campos, Serverless Computing at the Edge in Precise Agriculture, 2023, with Matthijs S. Jansen, [PDF].

[MSc-thesis] Nick-Andian Tehrany (MSc thesis, TU Delft, with Alexandru Iosup), msF2FS: Design and Implementation of an NVMe ZNS SSD Optimized F2FS File System, 2023, [PDF], [code].

[MSc-research-project] Peter-Jan Gootzen, DPFS: A DPU-powered File System Virtualization Framework (joint work at IBM Research Lab, Zurich and Yorktown labs with Jonas Pefferle and Radu Stoica), [PDF], [code].

[BSc-thesis] Daniel Berzak, Embedded Domain Specific Language: A Streamlined Approach for Framework Abstraction, 2023, [PDF], [code].

[BSc-thesis] Alex  Birnberg, In-Kernel File Caching with eBPF for Improving File Transfer Throughput Over the Network, 2023, [PDF], [code].

[BSc-thesis] Julian Restrepo Mejia, SUNS: a Small-sized User-level Network Stack, 2023, [PDF], [code].

[BSc-thesis] Cristiano Milanese, Safe Device Drivers: a new character device for loading localities, 2023, [PDF], [code].

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