Three new papers on edge computing from the group

With the joint efforts from Matthijs Jansen and Jesse Donkerviet (PhD students), we have three new research papers covering a wide range of topics in the edge-cloud computing contiunuum:

Matthijs analyzes many prevalent edge computing architecture, synthesizes common concerns, and unify them in a single Reference Architecture. It is joint work with researchers in Sweden.

In this work, we present the Continuum framework,, a single framework in which you can deploy a mix of bare-metal, cloud, containers (Kubernetes, KubeEdge), serverless (OpenWhisk) and VMs (with firecracker) on your premise or in the cloud. You can also emulate various network, storage, and CPU settings.

In this work, Jesse and Matthijs explore the systems characteristics (CPU, network, memory) of Meta’s flagship AR/VR headset - what does it take to deliver the best performance with this. There are surprises.

The PDFs of these papers to become available soon. Stay tuned!

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